Oh hi everybody~

I used to be an insanely prolific writer. That’s not a brag (I’m not saying I was a GREAT writer), it’s just a numerically-provable fact. I started out my career in journalism as a newswire reporter, churning out 3-5 news pieces a day. Somehow that led to blogging (or, as we liked to call it then, “new media”) for one of the most widely read tech websites in the world.

And THEN at almost the same time, I became head editor of one of the most widely read English-language news websites about China in the world. Which meant that at some points, I was a one-woman content mill, churning out dozens of news items, product reviews, events recaps, essays and whatnot a day.

A pic from the last article I wrote for  that tech blog .

A pic from the last article I wrote for that tech blog.

Burn out was real. I took a very, very welcome break from all of that when I went into marketing, and got a chance to learn and experience the more “strategic” side of things. But something weird happened recently…

I started to miss writing.

A lot.

Like, long-form private Facebook posts just weren’t cutting it anymore.

Several months passed with me just musing about restarting blogging for myself. Sometimes this musing was to friends (who have always been supportive at least of me having that idea), sometimes it was just literally me staring at my computer screen going “Should I? Maybe?”

Part of the problem is that a lot of the platforms I already had a bloggy presence on (Tumblr, Wordpress) have now been blocked in the lovely but censorship-happy country where I currently live. That meant I’d have to much about with webhosting or Wordpress.org and I dragged my feet on doing that. Part of it was that I didn’t really want to just talk about one thing, but the professional writer in me knows there’s really no point in a public presence without some sort of theme.


And then an epiphany (a really small one):

1)    Squarespace works in China.

2)    A theme is really what you decide you want it to be.


Which in my case is… things that alliterate with elaine.

I know.

elaine is embarrassed by her embrace of elementary wordplay.

But also, why the hell not? At this point, what am I afraid of? What’s a little cheesiness for the chance to do something I like, for people who like me (and possibly a bunch of troll people who don’t - don't worry, I've been through that before anyhow)?

So, I guess, welcome! I’m not sure how long this desire will last, but I’m willing to ride it out for as long as it does!