What Elaine is Eating...

My goodness. It's the first blog post in the Eating category for this elaine-is website.

Yo! What's the Eating tag all about?

I got into food blogging when I worked for Shanghaiist, and after I left journalism/media for a spell, it became the one writing gig I maintained with some frequency.

I took a break from anything but instagram food posts for a while, but recently remembered why I got into it in the first place: I love food! And not just to eat. I love its design. I love its history. I love how its cultural context is such an intense reflection of what's going on with humanity in general. 

And of course, like any other bougie hedonist in East Asia, I love love love taking pictures of my meals and contributing to Bon App reviews and generally opining/being in-the-know on the latest restaurants in my city. It's like I can't help it! So I figured I might as well begin blogging about it again.

So here we go: reiteration probably #3 of elaine is eating.