What Elaine is Exploring...

Oh hello! It's the first blog post in the Exploring category for this elaine-is website.

Yo! What's the Exploring tag about?


Article after thinkpiece after thought catalog self confessional has been about how we millennials value "experiences" more than "things," and well... 

...Guilty as charged! Very few things make me as happy in life as checking out some new place, some new event, some new experience.

I've been incredibly lucky in that I have been able to explore a lot of the world, and on a pretty wide scale of budgets. From finding ways to enjoy New York for free to staying in ridonkulously luxe hotels in Beijing. Hiking in the mountains of Zhejiang to skiing in Lucerne (btw, I'm terrible at skiing). And add to that all the myriad of fun places and amazing spaces I end up at here in my hometown in Shanghai.

So now here's a place on the internet for me to share those jaunts in a little more detail.