What Elaine is Enjoying...

What in the world! It's the first blog post in the Exploring category for this elaine-is website.

Yo! What's the Enjoying tag about?


Back in the day when I maintained a myriad of personal blogs, all of them were about pop culture. I think if there’s anything I’m more obsessed with than food, it’s media – music, art, movies, tv shows, comics, books, podcasts, and so on.

And while I’m no cultural critic (though, at some point in my career, I had to pretend to be), I like sharing what I like and it seems a lot of other people have liked it when I do too!

So that’s what this section will be about: what Elaine likes at any point in time in music, art, movies, tv shows, comics, books, podcasts… but also product reviews, news articles, long-form essays, fashion even!