Singapore Eating: DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

Address: Unit L1-03/04/05, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972
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Visited: July 2017
Price: 20-40SGD per person

Alright, let’s be realistic here, okay? You’re not coming here because you think it’s going to be some kind of fine dining experience. There are only two real reasons you’d go to a DC Comics superhero themed cafe and that’s 1) you are a child/have a child and 2) you are a giant comics book nerd who loves kitsch. 

So does the DC Comics Super Heroes deliver the kitsch?

Yes. Yes it does. In spades.

I mean, I thought looking at it from afar that all I could expect were a couple of statues and some comic-themed decorations ala Hard Rock Cafe’s relation to “live music icons." Well, the statues were there. 

But before I get into what else was there, a brief explanation. The DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe is actually a three-parter: There’s the main restaurant portion, in which you are seated by a waiter and given a menu book and then choose American food classics done up Gotham/Metropolis/Bludhaven-style.

Then there’s the cafe stand where you order a slightly reduced menu and/or a ton of drinks at a counter and hover over someone to encourage them to give up their seat so that you can sit down.

And then there’s the gift shop.

Look. Just look at all the glorious kitsch.

I tried the food/drinks at the cafe stand this time around. I got a round of coffees/lattes, a black sesame ice cream scoop, and a Holy Guacamole hotdog.

As I may have implied - you’re not coming here because the food is supposed to be amazing. That having been said, the coffees were fine. The black sesame ice cream was of decent quality, suitably creamy and flavourful. The hot dog bun was too soft and mealy and the hot dog itself was a little dry, but it was generally comparable to something you’d get in a theme park.


So my only real complaint: What, did they run out of Batman memorabilia to put on food or something?

But otherwise, as a DC Comics fan (and, as a kid, I would imagine) this was fun as heck! Campy but thoughtful in all the right ways, filled with loads of details to soak up, and a great place to take copious amounts of super comics nerdy pictures to share with all your super comics nerds friends back at home.