Singapore Eating: Aura Sky Lounge Lunch

Address: #06-02 National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrews Rd, Singapore 178957
July 2017
Price: 25-40SGD per person

Not quite willing to treat yourself to one of the Michelin starred establishments at the National Gallery of Singapore, but looking for a slightly more definitive experience than just the museum cafe? Check out Aura Sky Lounge, a staircase walk up from Aura, the fancy Italian restaurant. 

From 11:30am - 2pm, they have a lovely little serve-yourself lunch buffet of “healthy Mediterranean-inspired” eats for just under 22 SGD (pre-tax). The plates change throughout the mealtime, so that when one empties, it’s quite likely that a completely different one will take its place.

On the day we went, options included hummus, penne pasta salad, buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, a light cod fish salad, braised oyster mushrooms, roasted endives, and sliced beets. At some point, a beef salad and a yellow lentil salad joined the fray.

The food was fresh and refreshing, though a friend joked about whether or not the choices for the buffet were dependent on whatever the Aura Italian restaurant downstairs was having trouble selling. If so, all the power to them - it’s a smart way to get rid of ingredients before they’re unusable. Besides the salad bar, they also have an ala carte menu with Italian bistro options, and a variety of power juices.

The Sky Lounge is a much more casual affair, and it tends to be where the Aura downstairs people direct families with little kids. There were several running around the widely spaced tables during our time there. So expect to see lots of toddlers!

Also expect a beautiful view, as this is the highest restaurant at the National Gallery, and it’s smartly got floor-to-ceiling glass walls on three of its four sides. One side looks out on the Rooftop Garden. The other side looks out to Marina Bay. Both, on a blue sky day, provide a gorgeous environment from which to eat a variety of salads.

And then, when you're full of salads, ostensibly you'll be energized enough to actually go into the museum and see the exhibitions.