Enjoying: 1984 (The Year Not the Book) - Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything

My birthday is coming up. And while I'm still taking stock of this and that and how and what happened during these last 12 months both to me and the rest of the world, I figured I'd take a moment to highlight the master of weaving tangential connections into a whole: Benjamin Walker.

His podcast, Theory of Everything, is a bit all over the place - it's like journalism, but not always. Fiction, but always tied to too much realness. Sometimes the digressions get a little too out there (or worse, too twee) for me, but more often than not it hits all the right notes and then I've got the next couple of sleepless nights to chew all he's said over on repeat.

A couple of months ago, Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything re-aired one of its more famous episodes, which happens to be about the year I was born: 1984 (and yeah, it's about "the year not the book" but of course it's also about the book).

It highlighted how so many of the things that make up the insanity of the USA - poverty as the original sin, conformity through nonconformity, all the lessons of Amusing Ourselves to Death (which I read back in journalism school and am sad to see only get even more prescient as we continue journeying through this satire of late capitalism) - got their start in 1984.

Here's a 5 minute taste of it - literally a preview from when he was still collating his thoughts:

And here's the Soundcloud of the full Extended version, which is a great listen, and not just because you want to be depressed about what my birth year wrought with me. The 80s had some pretty fun music, you know?

And here is his Medium post, in case you want to listen while reading along and seeing the visuals of what he's referencing.