So... I quit my job! And... I'm starting a vlog?

Hi! It’s the first week of July and I have now been officially unemployed for an entire month.

This is probably the first time I’ve been unemployed since… well, that period after I graduated business school in the UK in the middle of a triple dip recession and a tightening visa policy. Those were dark times. These, however, are not such dark times because, for the first time in my life, I am actively specifically taking a break. A sabbatical if you’re being career-minded. A Millennial mid-life crisis if you’re being rude.

Anyway, after five years of hanging around in one of those global advertising agencies, I decided it was time to try something new. I’d gone into corporate mostly because after spending most of my career in start-ups, I was curious about what it’d be like to be a part of something that’s huge and historied and sprawled around the world.

It definitely had it’s perks! The health insurance was great, working on projects for gigantic multinationals was pretty fascinating, and getting promoted is always a good time. So goodness knows, that’s probably why I ended up staying those five years, the longest I’ve ever been at any company in my career.

But as I looked at the path forward (and ostensibly upward) for my company, I felt… uninterested. And as I looked around the industry in my area, every path looked virtually the same as the one I was already on.

And as I looked around to see who’s lives I really admired, I realized that they were fine jumping ship every now and then to try new things. To blow about in the wind. To have adventures and get into ventures and possibly fail, but failing was okay too.

… Caveat: I recognize that it’s a privilege to be in a position where 1) I had income to save for a safety net, 2) I’m physically healthy (even though I could probably be fitter), and 3) I have no children or other family obligations (outside of trying to get my parents not to worry about me). But seeing as I have these privileges, it seems silly not to take advantage.

So I’m out!

At least for now!

I’ll spend the next several months traveling and doing freelance projects and getting more politically involved… and seeing if I can pull off vlogging.

Yeah. Vlogging.

And I’ve got the first vlog up now.

Warning, it’s a little navel gazey. As someone who’s generally preferred to actually put out useful content instead of talking about my own fee-fees, I’m blushing hard at making this public. But hey, I give my reasons, and whatever this project attempt turns out to be, it’s #authentic.