Elaine is: Explaining with Kim from Cukimber

Oh boy! I actually managed to churn out a second episode on this vlog I just started! And get my YouTube channel really kickstarted.

Thanks so much to my good friend, Kim Wong, for sharing her thoughts with me on the transition she’s just made to becoming her own fashion brand after almost a decade in something more or less unrelated: Food & Beverage. Trying to pull off my own career transition right now, though with much less of a goal in mind, it was so valuable to get her perspective and I hope I’m not the only one who gets something out of it!

If you have utmost confidence in my ability to pull this off, you can subscribe to my channel. Apparently the fancy features for YouTube creators kick in whenever I get 1000 subscribers. That is eons away right now but I would feel very loved if it clicked up to… like… 5… sometime.

So, second YouTube vlog, first inaugural interview. I really love and derive so much wisdom from a lot of my friends, so I hope I’ll get another one of these soon!

Additionally, this seems as good a time as any to mention that one of the freelance gigs I am happy to take on is website creation, and actually I helped Kim make her current www.cukimber.com website.


And obviously, probably, I made my own website as well (though I really need to quit procrastinating and update wide sections of it. Ugh.)

I can possibly make you a website too!

Message me for rates ;)