Eating: Leaving Beijing! Eating Beijing!

I wanted to put this post here to commemorate the fact that as of August 22nd, I am no longer living in Beijing.

I wanted to emphasize that I actually really enjoyed the city - a surprise to a lot of Shanghai peeps, I’m sure.

Maybe it’s just that I really gel with the dry Northern air.

Maybe it’s because everything being so far apart gives me so many chances to give into my introvert let’s be forever alone tendencies.

Maybe it’s because I kinda like the qianr and the general down-to-earth attitudes of the peeps I’ve met.

But I would have loved to stay longer if I hadn’t been so sure it was time to move on.

Anyway, I really wanted to take the time to post this up because the Eating part of my blog has been very sorely neglected over this last year. And before I left Beijing - in fact, as a celebration of Beijing - I went and found the most local local (not Peiking Duck) foodstuffs I could eat.

A quick cheat sheet of what I talk about (watch the video plz)


  • 面茶 Miancha - Flour Tea

  • 火烧 Huoshao - also known as Shaobing, a breadstuff

  • 老北京酸奶 - Lao Beijing Suannai Beijing-style yogurt!

  • 烧麦 Shaomai - a dumpling that looks like a purse, it originated from the North!


  • 炸酱面 Zhajiangmian - the North’s favorite noodle dish

  • 麻豆腐 Madoufu - a fermented tofu with a very specific taste

  • 卤煮火烧 Luzhu huoshao - essentially offal in a stew

  • 北冰洋 Beibingyang - a classic Beijing soda


  • 乾隆白菜 Qianlong Baicai - the Emperor Qianlong’s fav veg dish

  • 熏肘子 Xunzhouzi - pork knuckle to wrap

  • 黄豆糕 Huangdougao - pea flour cake

  • 兔儿爷土豆泥 Tuerye Tudouni - mashed potatoes shaped like The Rabbit God

Anything I missed that you would’ve loved to hear me talk about?